You will find everything you need right from classic chess moves to the best chess moves all geared to help you learn the best chess strategy tips so you can continuously improve your winning chess moves. Plus you can learn the 10 foundational steps that will improve your rankings. Unless you improve your rankings then the higher ranking chess players won’t want to play with you and you won’t learn what they already know.

Skyrocket Your Chess By Eliminating These 10 DEADLY Strategical Errors…

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The 10 Critical Steps Required to Improve It

If you are lacking in just one of the 10 foundational steps you may become an average player but you will not succeed past just that… average. You may be struggling and not know why or what it is you are missing.

Master King Moves in Chess

The ultimate goal of the game is to checkmate your opponent’s king. The more chess tips and tricks you learn along the way the more successful you will become at achieving this.

The Difference Between Good Chess Moves and Great Chess Moves

One thing is for sure regardless of the reason you have decided to take up chess there are secrets of chess tactics you must learn to get anywhere in the game. Chess does have a foundation of knowledge that far exceeds moving the pieces around the board.

What the Grandmasters Know That You Don’t

This foundation is something every Grandmaster knows just like the back of their hands and they never stop studying and practicing. We at have compiled these foundational steps all in one easy to read you must know ebook that helps you to overcome all them.

Stuck In a Ranking Rut

Many average players don’t even realize they are lacking in one or a few of these steps and continue to work hard and study what they think is a winning chess strategy when in fact it is only a piece to the puzzle. They will never put the puzzle together without all 10 foundations and not even realize that is their destiny. Their rankings never seem to improve no matter how hard they try… they get stuck in a ranking rut.

New to Chess

For those that are brand new to chess or considering picking up the game here is a little 101ChessTips classroom briefing.

Brief History

Chess is a game with its own prestige that has been around since the later 1500’s and became competitive in the 1600’s. The actual shape of the pieces more than likely were a representation of the way life was back then. The first world chess champion title was in 1886. It has since grown into a sport for both men and women and has graced recognition in the Olympiad world competitions.

Basic Components

For those just starting and gathering an understanding of chess here are the basic chess game components. There are 64 squares You have 16 pieces

  • king
  • queen
  • 2 rooks
  • 2 knights
  • 2 bishops
  • 8 pawns

Chess is by far not a game for everyone but if you are the methodical type then chess is something you can master whether you are playing just for a hobby or would like to become one to keep an eye on in chess tournaments.