Chess Tournament

101ChessTips is pleased to announce the beauty treatments manufacturer Swan will be sponsoring our next chess tournament. Swan is a leading manufacturer of some of the world largest beauty treatments. Their investment will help with the costs of facilities, playing equipment, and rentals for the two-day event. Furthermore, Swan will have some of their leading products available for tournament attendees to sample for free.

Masters Youth Chess Tournament

The tournament consists of schools invited from all over the US. A total of nearly 240 students will compete in the final to be held in Texas. Students and parents will be traveling from all over the country. Accommodation and daily programs have been organized. The tournament will be divided into age classes as well as an open class for all to enter if they want.

Swan - Tournament Sponsor

Chess Tournament

Swan is this year's terrific sponsor, who specializes in beauty products. In particular, their most popular item is the Swan Witch Hazel. Witch hazels come from the flowers of plants. The name itself comes from the middle ages where forms of the word Witch meant bendable. Before settlers arrived in North America, natives would use the plant to heal themselves of lumps and bumps appearing on their bodies.

Settlers soon realized the benefits of this plant and started to experiment with how to maximize the potential of its power. Eventually, scientists were able to extract certain properties from the plant. Nowadays, the use of witch hazel to clean face and body parts are very common in young women. It is believed that the product helps to sooth any swelling or inflammation of the skin. Often this can be applied for acme too.

Basic Rules of Game Days

There will be some rules outlined for the tournament which will need to be followed by all participants:

  • Touching Pieces - Like always, touch it and it's your piece and it's gotta move. This classic touch move rule applies in this tournament like all the others, no excuses. There are minor exceptions to the rule, of course, brushing, adjusting or no legal moves available apply here.
  • Go On Record - Make sure that moves are recorded, this will help us keep track of all moves and the ability to resolve any misunderstandings players may have along the way.
  • Interruptions - Please make sure that you do not talk or engage with players who are in a game. Any bystanders who engage with players will be removed from the room for the remainder of the game.
  • Phones - All phones must be on silent if you are in the playing area. Loud ringtones or other sounds being immitted from phones is very distracting for players.

Preperation For Tournament

Practice, practice, and more practice, this is the key to success at our upcoming tournament. It will be those who know the moves and have their playbooks ready that will succeed. Apart from that, eat, sleep and relax, you will have fun and if you're having fun, others will be enjoying the tournament too. Please contact us for further tournament news and updates. We will be posting more detailed information about the tournament in the coming weeks.