Creativity and Chess

You may not know it but playing chess can boost your creativity. Here are the reasons why.

The brain is ticking

While you play chess, you think of ways on how you can outsmart your opponent. Your brain is at work here because you try to predict your opponent's next possible move. You study all the angles on which your opponent would make his next move. It is like you are both hiding in your battlefields with each of you anticipating the move of the enemy and this requires strategic planning. This is similar to web design Malaysia where you will have to use your creativity in anticipating the actions taken by your site visitor, where his eyes will be drawn to, and defining the strategic locations of buttons, pictures, and content.

Creating hypotheses and theories

At the back of your mind, you are creating hypotheses. Each hypothesis has a theory. You study all the possible theories and weigh the pros and cons until you come up with the most viable solution. Most likely, you will use that theory on your next move. However, your opponent could have guessed your theory and so he counter attacks it. It is a trial and error thing where both players learn their lessons from the moves they make. In case you get defeated on the next move, you would need to formulate another strategy. In fact, there are no set moves in chess. Each move is unique and subject to the opponent's reaction and countermoves. In creative design, the basic assumption is that you have to use your skills and talents in convincing people of the value of your idea, product, or service, and encouraging them to respond or react to it. You also have to come up with strategies so that your viewer or, in this case, your site visitor will click on your products and eventually convert them to become your customer.

Endless strategies

Formulating strategies in chess could be an endless process especially if your opponent is very smart or very experienced in this sport. Whenever you think of strategies to outsmart your opponent, your brain is likewise at work here.

Strategic planning in chess and creativity are both lifelong processes where there is no absolute solution. They both use your imagination; you have to come up with creative and different ways to beat your opponent.

Following rules

Nevertheless using our imagination does not mean we do not have to follow the rules. Although chess is a prescriptive game, it also gives a leeway for players to plan their moves in a creative but logical way. Both imagination and logic are at work here. In other words, chess is not merely a logical game. It likewise stimulates your creativity at the same time.

Thrill and challenge in the game

There is so much thrill in chess because both players are unaware of what each player is thinking. And it becomes even more challenging when the game is timed.

You can apply this in any creative endeavor – whether in print, graphic, or digital media. Creativity is imaginative but it has to follow rules at the same time whether grammar or structure (in print) or proportion and harmony (graphic).

Chess could help a person become more creative because the player's mind is always stimulated while on the game. He cannot put his mind to rest. He has to study the opponent's next move. The players will continue to study each other's moves until the game is over.

Similarly, while an artist does creative work, he continually studies his output until he is finished. The only difference between chess and doing creative work is that you can be a solo artist while you need an opponent in chess. You will just have to bear in mind, though, that in the area of web design, your visitors and prospective visitors are the ones you have to consider and that your ultimate aim is to create more traffic and have more conversions.

In conclusion, we could say it is possible that you can hit two birds with one stone if you are a good chess player. Who really knows you might have a hidden artistic talent?