CBD Oil Chess

When you play chess, intense concentration is needed so that you can outmanoeuvre your rival.  It can be a disadvantage for you if you cannot focus on your game. This is where CBD oil comes in. Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical that can be found in hemp, a strain of cannabis. It has many healing properties,  including those that can help you concentrate.  Unlike its cousin, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not make you "high."  It interacts with your body's Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The system's role is to regulate the different functions of your body.

Why Can't You Concentrate?

There are plenty of reasons why it is hard for you to focus.  The inability to concentrate can have a huge impact on your life. Here are some of the reasons that may hinder you from focusing on playing chess.


When you are stressed, a chemical called cortisol is produced. It is the chemical that helps in regulating your body. It is released when your body is subjected to a stressful situation. High levels of cortisol will make it hard for you to concentrate. You may have felt it when the chess game gets intense. At this point, you can use CBD oil to help you concentrate. Studies have shown that cannabidiol greatly reduces stress. Its function is to calm your mind down and is brought on by CBD's interactions with ECS.

Lack of Sleep

Everyone needs to rest at some point. Sleeping for longer periods of time can help your body heal itself. When you do not allow your brain to rest, it will eventually deteriorate. Lack of sleep lowers your cognitive functions which you greatly need when playing chess.  There are various reasons for the lack of sleep. However, it is important to remember that CBD cannot cure every single one of them. Cannabidiol can help you fix your sleep cycle. The use of CBD increases the margin of resting time. Furthermore, it protects neurotransmitters that regulate the pain. Studies have also shown that it can lower levels of anxiety which can be one of the reasons for your lack of sleep.

Remember that CBD cannot take all of your distractions away. It is important to put away those things that distract you like your mobile phone or laptop. You should also put yourself in an area where it is easy for you to concentrate on the chess game.

There can be plenty of reasons why you cannot focus on playing the game. Luckily, the availability of CBD oil can help you with that. If you have a chess game that starts in five minutes, you can have CBD oral spray to calm yourself down. You can also make use of CBD pills if it is hard for you to concentrate all throughout the day. However, the research on CBD is still in its early stages.  So it is important that you consult a doctor before you start taking CBD oil.

Research on CBD or cannabidiol has shown plenty of health benefits. It lowers anxiety and helps you calm down. With CBD oil now available, you can definitely concentrate on all of your chess games.