Chess Tournament Preperation

Chess should not only be played on specific seasons, it should be played all throughout the year. Chess is one of the best ways for one to relieve stress and helps them sharpen their minds in terms of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and self-confidence. However, playing chess in a very cold place can distract you from making the right moves and creating the best strategies. The cold temperature can make you uncomfortable. If you happen to be playing chess in a cold place, however, you can always invest in kerosene heaters.

The game of chess does not always have to be in the comfort of your home. However, there are times that you will be needing heaters to keep you warm when you are playing chess. In this way, you can think better and feel more comfortable when you are playing wherever you wish to play.

Why bringing a kerosene heater is best for a chess tournament

Saves money

One of the good things about kerosene heaters is that it is portable. Some game venues can be really cold and asking for a portable heater might just be another cost whenever you rent the game area. Bringing your own kerosene heater can be cheaper. You do not have to rent anything.


You can carry a kerosene heater wherever you go. You can use even if the tournament is outdoors or in picnic areas. Just make sure that you have enough kerosene to keep you warm when you are outside the house.

Cheap investment

Another thing that you should consider is the price. The best kerosene heaters are cheaper compared to other heaters in the market. They can emit a good amount of heat to keep you warm throughout any chess tournaments and competitions.

No need for electricity

Lastly, you do not need electricity to make it work. You will only need kerosene to keep the heater emit the amount of heat that you need to keep you warm. Comfort plays an important role when playing chess. It is best that you also invest in things that make you feel comfortable whenever you are playing chess. If you wish to invest a portable heater for your future tournaments, make sure that you purchase the ones that are safe for personal use.

How to prepare for the chess tournament

Now that you have ensured that you will be comfortably warm during your chess tournament, these are some of the things that you can do to prepare for it.

  • Set your primary goal
  • Have sufficient rest and take good care of your physical well-being
  • Practice and prepare your game, especially your opening gambits
  • Review past tournaments and learn the moves
  • Know and be ready for your opponents
  • Study but still have fun playing the game
  • Train diligently

The best advice, however, is to prepare for your next tournament the moment you finish with one. Right after your final game, review your moves, analyze what you did right, and what you should do to correct your blunders. In this way, you will be ready with your new opening gambit.