Chess Through Instagram

Instagram is a valuable tool for numerous lifestyle and social bloggers as it allows them to attract followers and consequently promote brand awareness through giveaways and contests. It is possible to win gift cards from major brands after entering Instagram promotions, which require followers to perform simple tasks such as sending a direct message. Giveaways and contests are simple yet useful methods of promoting a brand on the Instagram platform. Moreover, Instagram has a large audience. Thus, the possibility of reaching many users is an added advantage. Marketers particularly Chess promoters can follow this model and utilize the potential of Instagram as a platform that can generate immense reach.

Before starting however, make sure you set up good security over your IG account. Set strong passwords to avoid an Instagram hack or having your account fall into the wrong hands.

Friend Giveaway

This strategy involves first announcing the upcoming chess event on Instagram then advising chess enthusiasts in the comments section to tag fellows they intend to invite to the event. To give the users extra incentive to tag their comrades, you can inform them that they might be rewarded with an item such as a chess set.

An example of the successful application of this strategy is the Hydro flask giveaway that celebrated having two hundred thousand users by starting a contest that would earn them more fans. They lured followers by promising them a 32-ounce flask if they followed  @hydro flask and tagged at least two friends in the comments section. The post eventually attained 12,500 likes.

Event hashtag

The application of event hashtag as a tool for event promotion involves first formulating a hashtag that is related to the chess tournament. The next step is to entice the user into using the hashtag by promising them the possibility of winning goods or other forms of rewards. An example is the hashtag #eatforgood that was created by a Greenville, SC coffee establishment and creperie when they held a fundraising event. They encouraged their followers to post several pictures before and after the occasion.

Instagram Offer

Instagram has a specialized kind of feed known as an Instagram story where users upload videos or photos that are put on display for a limited timespan of 24 hours. By creating an Instagram account for your chess event and tournament and posting offer codes and giveaways, such as branded shirts and merchandise that a chess enthusiast is likely to be interested in, you encourage your followers to keep looking at your posts. An example is J.Crew who promoted a sunglasses event by posting updates about their latest products on their Instagram stories.

Video and photo contest

A chess tournament can be promoted on Instagram by creating a contest where chess enthusiasts are encouraged to post videos and photographs of themselves playing chess. The best participant in either category is then rewarded with a cash prize, a gift card, a ticket or a product from the event sponsors.

There are a lot of ways you can make use of Instagram to create results. Although there are Instagram account security risks and other social media challenges, you should focus on all the things you can take advantage of in order to move forward and thrive.