Chess can be a very demanding sport both mentally and physically. In fact, a chess game can take up to seven hours. Helmut Pfleger, an international chess grandmaster, carried out an investigation that showed that chess players have the same physiological parameters as compared to car race players and golfers. This means that they require adequate nutritional plans for healthy home cooking and good physical training. The extraordinary abilities of some of the top chess players have undergone scrutiny over the years.

Several physical exercises have been developed, and scientists have also studied nutritional habits. If you want to know what I use to boost my CHess skills and If you want to save money on sun basket this article is for you. This article talks about some of the dietary instructions for chess grandmasters.


Breakfast is an important meal of the day. This is because it directly influences the concentration of glucose in the brain and in the liver. Consequently, the nutrients help produce neurotransmitters that aid neural cells.

Most players tend to skip breakfast because they study until midnight and then get up in the morning after breakfast. In order to have a good breakfast, they must first have proper sleeping habits.

Other Meals

Many grandmasters avoid overeating or taking in food that takes a long time to digest especially before a game. After eating, the organs of the digestive system become active. Consequently, the blood as well as the oxygen supply to other body organs, such as the brain, also decreases. It can also lead to the person feeling sleepy and less focused. With a full stomach, players will be prone to making more mistakes.

Many chess players prefer to eat fluids or solid foods such as chocolate (80.5%), cereal bars (9.8%) and fruits. From a scientific point of view, the food choices above are able to meet the glucose needs of the body.


It is common to lose fluids by sweating. Several factors affect the rate of sweating, such as hot or humid environment, gender, skin surface area, maturation, heat acclimatization, work intensity and fitness. It is, therefore, important that the athletes be hydrated.

Several grandmasters (36%) take liquids without feeling thirsty. Feeling thirsty is a delayed symptom that our body is dehydrated. In order to feel thirst, a percentage of water is lost from the body. This water is enough to affect the mental performance of the grandmaster. Arithmetic as well as short-term memory are also affected. In addition, thirst is very uncomfortable for the grandmaster. Some of the fluid preferences for grandmasters aside from water are coffee, fruit juice and tea.

Dietary Supplements

A third of chess players take dietary supplements. The World Anti Doping Agency permits the use of dietary supplements. However, it is important to know that the wrong use of supplements can damage the condition of an individual. A number of supplements may also contain prohibit substances which are not stated in their labels. A player could be penalized for consuming a prohibited substance regardless of whether it was voluntary or involuntary.

A grandmaster requires special dietary requirements. With the proper nutrition, they can be at the top of their game. Follow these steps above to become a grandmaster at chess.