Online chess is pretty much like real chess except that you’re in front of a computer instead of a real person. Even if you play with a real opponent, you won’t be able to see him or her so you can’t rely on facial expression or body language to see if your opponent is panicking or not. You have to count on the moves he or she makes to see if you can win or not.

It is hard to cheat in live chess game like we used to do in other games by reading ColossalCheats. However, before you even attempt to play against a real opponent, here are some tips you have to consider:

Always Practice First

In an online chess game, you have the chance to either play against the computer or go to a server and look for a real opponent. If you’re not that good at the game yet, you may want to try practicing against a computer. A computer is programmed by the algorithm to try to beat you in the best way possible. You can set the difficulty level at any level you want to match your skills. If you think you’ve practiced enough, you can find a real opponent.

Avoid Multitasking While Playing

It’s natural for us to multitask while we’re using the computer because there are so many tabs we can look at. We can watch a movie, check email, scroll down the Facebook newsfeed, and chat with a friend while playing chess.

However, it’s not recommended that you do this because chess is a game that requires a lot of concentration. Once you multitask, you won’t be able to make the best moves to win the game. You’ll also move slower because you’re doing other stuff. Moving too slow is disadvantageous to you because it will make you waste a turn and piss your opponent off at the same time.

Don’t Chat Too Much

In a real-life game of chess, the opponents really don’t chat that much. That’s because chess requires a lot of concentration, and chatting will throw that concentration off. Therefore, if you’re playing against a real opponent, don’t keep on sending messages. You’ll end up annoying your opponent, and you’ll probably lose your concentration too.

Don’t Ever Give Up

The key to being good at playing chess is to keep on practicing and developing your set of moves. After all, there is no clear cut way to win in chess – only an arsenal of strategies that you have to mix and match to surprise your opponent.

In online chess, you have the option to just close the game and give up. You may be tempted to do so if you’re about to lose – in some cases, you may even want to use cheat codes to turn the tables. However, don’t do that. Learn how your opponent was able to beat you by seeing all his or her moves throughout the whole game. From there, you can copy some of the strategies and blend them with your own.


Online chess is equally just as fun as playing real chess. The advantage here is convenience as you get to play without the actual board and in the comfort of your own home. These tips will help you be able to play against real opponents who also enjoy the game.