Chess Pieces Were Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency craze is here to stay. As prices go higher and higher, more and more people are getting interested in the whole digital currency game. Even chess players are into digital currencies, making them relate the whole crypto scene to their beloved chess board. This is similar to how many of the crypto signals work as well.

So which digital currency is akin to your favorite chess piece?

Pawn = Dogecoin

Like how pawns are just the basis for the material points in chess, those in digital currency can count on 1 thing always: 1 dogecoin is equal to 1 dogecoin.

Dogecoin is a simple project that originally was made for fun, not as a dead serious mode of exchange. However, this old digital currency managed to reach a whopping $1.5 billion in market cap. This is like how advanced paws instantly skyrocket in value on your chessboard. Just wow.

Knight = Ripple

Many people did not expect how Ripple could have momentarily jumped over Ethereum to be the second most valuable coin in the market. Though it quickly jumped to the third spot just a few days after, the unexpected jumping Ripple does is akin to how a chess board’s knight works wonders and makes surprises.

Bishop = Raiblocks

Bishops travel fast across the chessboard. However, they do only on one color—either black or white. The cryptocurrency Raiblocks is just like bishops, being the fastest-transacting digital currency. However, it only does one thing as well: payments. This single function is just like how chess’ bishops just move in a limited way on the diagonals. They’re fast but restrained.

Rook = Litecoin

Litecoin has a great reputation when it comes to being steady and solid. It’s been around since 2011, and it has always been straightforward when it comes to its goals. It’s definitely not the most exciting digital coin, but it does get the job done and has managed to stand the test of time—exactly like how the seemingly boring rooks stick around and play the important roles right in the endgame.

Queen = Ethereum

Ethereum is fast and powerful. It’s a distributed computing platform that’s a total game-changer. Many people see Ethereum as one of the pillars of cryptocurrency’s future. It’s the powerful queen on chess that has a lot of functions just like how Ethereum does almost anything on the blockchain with its smart contracts. It can be a prevailing existence that spells success.

King = Bitcoin

Last but not the least, the first of it all-- bitcoin will always be the king. It remains as the most important digital currency in terms of trading volume and market cap. It’s the most valuable piece on the chess board. The movement may be slower than the rest of the chess pieces (in reference to its currency slow transactions), but it’s value remains high. It’s got to be always number one.

Cryptocurrency, crypto trading, Bitmex trading—all that are fun. And it becomes all the more exciting if we try to spice things up a bit and liken the renowned crypto world to even the most mundane things everybody loves like chess.