Fashion is ever evolving due to the changes in peoples’ tastes and preferences. However, for fashion changes to be effective and productive in the competitive and dynamic market, inspiration is needed. Inspiration is drawn from varying concepts, for instance, a certain period that signifies specific occurrences.

Fashion Inspiration From Chess

Chess is one of the concepts that significantly inspire the fashion world. Custom hoodies, for example, are popular, and for you to stand out, you need to customize your hoodie to your liking and in a way that beats the rest. You can take a thing or two from the chess game and come up with exquisite custom hoodies. The process is easy; you simply choose your favorite chess game concept, for example, powers of the queen, and come up with a template or mix different ideas to create that perfect image.

Chess And Fashion Evolution

During ancient times, chess was associated with elderly individuals. You can picture the scenario; a tobacco pipe on the lips, a small audience, and players carefully plotting their next move. The game was mainly a way of passing time which didn’t need as much professionalism as is seen today.

Much like modern chess, fashion has evolved to cater to the changing tide. People play chess not only as a hobby but also as a source of wealth for some and as an inspirational game used as an infotainment channel. With such changes, the fashion arena has seen creative minds come together to create an ideal yet fashionable style that each player can enjoy.

Comfort And Style

Male players are, in most instances, seen with elbows down on the chess table. An ideal outfit, for such, is the one that gives the elbows a firm and comfortable feel. For the females, dresses with hanging hands may interrupt the playtime by knocking down pieces on the chess board during the movements. With these two scenarios, it is vivid that fashion and chess relation is not far-fetched. You can already picture some of your favorite outfits and see how they may have been inspired by the chess game.

With the industry rapidly and continuously growing, it goes beyond playtime. Numerous events are coupled by media coverage. As such, looking fashionable and depicting professionalism is as important as playing a good game. People are watching globally, and some players are significant ambassadors of their own line of business. With that in mind, new designs are continuously developed to grasp the spotlight.

One of the most prominent chess players, for example, is Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen is not only a grandmaster but also a model. This means that he needs to look good not only for the game but also as a way of promoting his brand. Such combination plays a vital role in shaping the fashion world.

The need for professionalism in the chess industry has led to the changes in the dressing code. The World Chess Federation (FIDE) has formulated a dress code that governs major chess tournaments. Even though the code does not apply to every chess game, it inspires designers to come up with outfits that not only conform to the regulations but also provide maximum comfort while maintaining the elegant appeal that everyone desires.