The only way to become a Grandmaster is to keep on playing and practicing, but you can’t always find a formidable opponent in your neighborhood save for your Uncle Larry, and playing against a computer can only get your skills so far.

The best way to level up your chess-playing skills is to play online against players all over the world.  Today, there are many good web hosting like working for lot of chess sites. So find all kinds of opponents across different time zones at any time of day.

 Here are 10 hosted chess sites that you can visit on your way to becoming a chess master:

 ItsYourTurn - This is a free to play site with a simple interface and features. It has games other than chess like Backgammon, Checkers, and Battleboats.  Its lack of bells and whistles makes it easier and faster to load on any browser.  This is the most basic you can get if you’re looking to play a quick casual game against real human opponents.

Chess - If you’re looking for the best free-to-play chess-playing site, then look no further than  Hosting a million chess games every single day for its 11 million members, this site is the best place to hone your chess-playing skills while interacting with different members.  Premium membership will give you access to training videos, and other goodies.

ChessCube - Founded by Mark Levitt in 2006, ChessCube provides a platform for chess players to socialize and learn more about Chess by watching online master training videos.  With over, 1.4 million registered members playing in hundreds of live chess tournaments every day, you’ll never run out of opponents to play against.  You can also win Cubits, the online currency used for buying stuff in the ChessCube shop.

GameKnot - Another free to play site, GameKnot allows you to play turn-based or real-time chess.  Playing turn-based allows you to play multiple games at the same time where you can choose your own pace of the game.  On the other hand, if you want to finish a game in one sitting, then you can choose blitz or real-time chess.  With over 1.8 million registered members, with levels ranging up to Grandmaster, you’ll definitely enjoy playing chess all day.

Playchess - This site allows you to play right away without the need for signing-up and finding an opponent right away.  You can play against 200,000 members from over 90 countries and even chat with them.  Match against opponents at your level, or if you’d like a challenge, go against stronger opponents in official tournaments where you can even win prizes. 

Internet Chess Club (ICC) - With titled players and grandmasters playing here more than any other site, this is probably the top-tier chess-playing site to date.  If you like strong challenges, this is the best site to visit.  You can earn money from playing as well.  Though its membership is not free, you can get a free one-month trial.


Regardless of your skill level, these hosted chess-playing sites will give you a good boost in unlocking your grandmaster potential.