Saitek Chess Trainer Maephisto Version

Product Description
The Saitek Chess Trainer is specifically designed to help improve your chess game. Formulate a customized strategy as you play chess on a sensory board, ensuring you make all the right moves. This electronic chess set includes Alecs animated face, responding to your move selection. With 11 Teaching Modes, hints, and a built-in chess clock, you are sure to acquire a more competitive chess game.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 15 1/2in L x 11in W x 3in D
  • 64 Playing Levels: Fun, Casual, and Fixed Depth
  • 16 Stored Opening Systems
  • Sensory chess board
  • Pewter and Silver Effect pieces – metallic look and feel

Saitek Mephisto Expert Travel Chess Computer Handheld

Product Description
The Expert Travel Chess Computer's aproximate rating is 2200, making it the strongest travel chess computer around! Garry Kasparov, the 13th World Chess Champion, has been personally associated with Saitek since 1983, and gives his much coveted endorsement to the Mephisto range of chess computers. Without a doubt Saitek's strongest portable chess computer. Strength combined with many advanced features makes this the ultimate compact computer available for the expert chess player.
Playing Options: user-selectable Search Algorithms for customization
Self Study Options: Setup positions; all major openings and Grandmaster moves stored; plus extra insight through Info Mode.
Compact Design: compact laptop style case; flip down lid, pieces storage area and integrated LCD screen.
Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 11" L x 8 1/4" W x 3" D
  • 64 Playing Levels Including Tournament, Blitz, and Fun
  • Coach and Info Modes for extra strategic insight
  • Position Evaluation and Setup functions
  • 50-move take back

Game Time Chess Clock

Product Description
Play chess, checkers, backgam­mon, go, Scrabble, or any board game with the same excitement found in tourna­ment play. Two precision digital clocks-each with super-large, easy-to-see displays-keep split-second track of the time each opponent has used. Game Time is the only timer officially endorsed by the U.S. Chess Federation!

Product Features

  • Play chess, checkers, backgammon and more with the same excitement in tournament play
  • 2 precision digital clocks
  • Super-large, easy-to-see display
  • Keep split-second track of the time each opponent has used
  • Only timer officially endorsed by the U.S. Chess Federation

Tang Dynasty Chess Set

Product Description

  • Hand-painted 32-piece resin chess set and wood chessboard.
  • Chessmen based on the Tang Dynasty ceramic tomb figures.
  • Designed by Ben Homer. -King measures 4 1/2''.
  • With 20'' wood inlaid chess board with 2'' squares.
  • Sold as a set only.

Grasslands Road Garden Life Frog Stump Chess Set with Hidden Door Storage Compartment

Product Description
Grasslands Road chess set has hidden door storage compartment for frog kings & queens, wizard bishops, horse knights, castle tower rooks, blue and red mushroom pawns

Product Features

  • Corrogated box
  • Cement resin mix for indoor/outdoor use
  • Includes 32 piece chess set, table with removable top and 2 stump stools
  • Hidden door storage compartment in tree trunk base to store chess pieces

As Shown Bluestone Design Crystal Times Crystal Chess Set

Product Description
Solid alloy chess piece in shiny silver andgold atop beveled crystal base, Crystal chess board with solid alloy supportingfeet in shiny silver

Magnetic Travel Games – Magnetic Chess

Product Description
Chess to go. The pieces, with a standard Staunton design, are 1 to 1.75 inches high and attach firmly to the 9.5-inch-square board. Even if you're playing in the back of a car on a mountain road, you don't have to worry that your brilliant and unusual variation on an obscure Paul Morphy attack strategy will be hurled onto the floor mats and lost to history. Ranks and files are marked 1 to 8 and A through H. The board is .75 inch thick when opened, and folds in two to form a snap-closing box that holds the pieces. A basic explanation of the game is included. –Richard Farr

Product Features

  • Games for play on the way
  • Perfect for vacations, camping, or long road trips
  • Game stores an instruction guide and all pieces inside a durable, high – quality plastic folding board
  • Portable
  • 7/8" x 9.5" x 9.5"
  • Folds for storage