A unique way to work on improving your chess skill is to record a typical game of chess that you have played with chess notation and then submit that game to a grandmaster or other high-ranking chess player. There are a number of grandmasters that offer this as a service, for a fee, and will provide you with detailed feedback about how you can improve your game. The experience and knowledge that these proven players have can be invaluable to a beginner or intermediate chess player. The down side of this is the costs that are incurred by utilizing their services.

A less expensive way to do this is to record your games, through chess notation, and to ask a friend or member of a chess club that you are a member of to analyze your moves and give you feedback. While these people are not grandmasters they may very well be able to show you mistakes that you make that can be easily corrected. The idea behind this is to have more sets of eyes (and brains) looking at the various options that you could have used.

People use feedback from more experienced people in various facets of their lives. Whether it is a parent of a baby asking another parent how to take better care of their child, or a business student asking for feedback from a CEO, feedback from those who know more about a subject than we do is one of the very best ways to learn. People often get stuck in ruts and in a game of chess we get stuck in ruts as well. Having others analyze our game may be one way to help break the bad habits that we tend to fall into.