There are many different opening strategies in chess that you can use. Much of this depends on how you approach your chess game, whether you are aggressive or more defensive in your play. Two of these opening strategies are called open or closed. An open strategy refers to beginning the game with your pawns that are located in front of your king and queen. A closed strategy refers to using the pawns on the sides, in front of your rooks or knights.

An open strategy is a much more offensive strategy. Using this strategy you and your opponent will begin to trade pieces rather rapidly. You and your opponent will have many open lanes that can be used to attack one another. This can lead to a quick defeat, for you or your opponent. If you are a risk taker and like offense more than defense, then this is a strategy for you to consider.

A closed opening strategy is just the opposite. A closed opening of moving the pawns on the sides of the board result in a defensive game play by both you and your opponent. A closed strategy also limits much of the movements that you can make with your more versatile pieces.

Perhaps if you are a beginner to chess you should utilize the open strategy to help you learn how the offensive game works in chess. If you are a more experienced player, then the closed strategy may serve you well since you already know the offense. If you are a more experienced player a good defense will lull the inexperienced players right into your traps. Regardless of whether you are new to chess or have been playing a while, continue to focus on finding a good balance for yourself in regards to offensive and defensive strategies.