If you are new to the game of chess you need to understand that a balance between attacking and defending needs to be achieved. Many inexperienced players are quick to go on the offensive and look for the quick crushing defeat of their opponent. While being able to pull this off is impressive and good for the ego, the likelihood of a quick offensive win against a more experienced opponent is unlikely and a bad decision.

The flaw with the all out offensive assault is that an experienced opponent will see the gaping holes in your own defense. Experienced players sit and wait for this type of inexperience to show itself. Think of chess as a war in which you must defend your capitol (your king) while at the same time taking your opponents capitol. An army that simply runs into battle with bravery and no defensive protection may appear as courageous, but they also often suffer a crushing defeat quickly.

A balanced approach is the best when playing chess. Depending on your playing style you will likely lean in one direction, either offensive or defensive. Try to focus on this balance and keep your king protected while slowly applying your offensive strategy. At times the best offensive strategy is to wait for your opponent to begin an offensive front and to find the flaws in their attack. Doing this gives you the wonderful advantage of finding their gaping holes in their defense, instead of them finding your gaping holes. Keep working on improving your defensive skills, as this will lead you to victory more often than an all out offensive assault. Allow your opponent to make the mistakes instead of you and you will find a great deal of success in your game.