The variant of speed, or blitz, chess is one that offers a great deal of benefits to the right player. Some chess players flat out loathe speed chess because they do not feel it is a pure form of chess. Other chess players find this to be quite a fun way to play the game and choose it over non-timed games. There are some benefits that you can get out of playing speed chess games.

A typical speed chess game is one where each player has only five minutes each to complete the game. A clock is used that has two small clock faces and a button on top of each of the clock faces that starts and stops each clock, similar to a stopwatch. If either player runs out of time before a checkmate or draw is achieved, then the player that ran out of time loses the game.

To help you improve your chess game you may elect to play some of these speed chess games. Thinking quickly and rapidly evaluating the tactics that your opponent is using will help you in your regular chess game. Speed chess makes it easier for you to identify positional play as well as rapidly develop strategies. Another benefit is that you are able to practice many games in a short period of time.

Another reason that you may choose to play speed chess can include that your opponent is typically a painfully slow player. Also, if you are short on time but want to play a quick intense game, then speed chess may be for you. There are many Internet chess site that offer this timed feature too. These sites keep automatic track of the time elapsed for you.